When I was 30 years old, my life was just about perfect. I had a loving husband, Jimmy, whom I had been married to for five years, and had been dating since college. Together we had a son, Emerson, who was four years old when I was 30. Jimmy and I had been in the same year at university and were the same age.

We had a cute house that I loved making into a home in the suburbs, in a good school district for Emerson when he started kindergarten. I worked part-time at a high-end bakery that specialized in wedding cakes, and Jimmy worked full-time as an accountant. We had been discussing trying for a second baby. We were very happy.

Or so I thought.

I want to tell you more about Jimmy, so you can get a sense of who he really is.

Jimmy was always very driven by his goals. He knew in college he wanted to be an accountant, like his father, because he loved numbers and puzzles and he knew he could make a good living doing it.

I was terrible at math and thought he was so ingenious and intelligent for being able to look at those numbers and turn them into a way to make money. I was always more of a creative type and had studied art in college. I had taken a few culinary courses, including cake decorating, and that’s what I mostly did at the bakery.

While other employees handled customers and the hustle and bustle of the storefront, I would work in the kitchen, with my headphones in. Listening to classical music, I would pipe intricate, delicate designs out of icing, and make gorgeous shapes out of fondant. I could create an entire fantasy world of spun sugar on a cake. It absorbed all my concentration and was almost therapeutic. It also allowed me an identity outside of being a mom, and Emerson stayed with my parents or went to daycare while I worked.

Jimmy worked full-time, so Emerson and I were almost always home when he got in, just after 5:00 each day. I would make dinner, or sometimes we would get a sitter and Jimmy, and I could go out alone for a drink to unwind.

We fantasized about us having a sibling for Emerson, me starting my own bakery, Jimmy starting a private accounting business, and maybe one day moving into a big house near a beach.

Everything was going beautifully, and we had a bright future ahead of us.

Until Jimmy’s accident.

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