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“Avoid These Fast Food Items,” Say Fast Food Employees - Tips Adviser

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by: Broomop
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Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 Time: 8:17 AM

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We all know fast food is not good for us. Most nutrition experts agree that it should be eaten “rarely or never.” But having said that, most of us will grab a meal from a fast food restaurant sometimes. I know I am guilty of grabbing “junk food” when I am in a rush or am too tired to cook something.

So if you’re someone who eats fast food, be it rarely or more often than you should, it doesn’t hurt to know what to avoid. Here are the fast food items you should stay away from, and some general tips to keep you from getting serious junk food remorse. (See also: 22 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda)

Note: These tips come from people who have worked in the fast food business, via reddit. I cannot verify their accuracy 100%, but I have only posted those tips that were repeated by several different individuals.

1. “Unusual” Pizza Toppings

If you go for the normal pizza toppings, like pepperoni, sausage, ham, pineapple, and the usual veggies, you should be fine. But when you start ordering pizzas with more exotic toppings, you risk getting some older produce on your pie. The reason is simple — regular toppings are used up quickly and replaced often. If they go off, they have plenty left in stock to replace them. However, the quirky items, like meatballs, green olives, artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes, are in short supply. They could be sitting out longer, and they may well be older than other toppings when they’re cooked.

2. Wendy’s Chili

This one has been covered before in an article I wrote on employee secrets, but it still deserves a mention in this list. When you order Wendy’s chili, you might be getting old hamburgers that have been left around all day. They get boiled and mashed up, and chili mix is added.

3. Sweet Teas

It appears that fast food places like to put the sweet in sweet tea. Some places are adding around one pound of sugar to a gallon of the stuff. However, it’s worth noting that almost all of the soft drinks out there have a high sugar content, so you’re better off sticking with water. And it’s free.

4. Vegetarian and Vegan Items

In some of the bigger, busier fast food chains, ordering vegetarian and vegan items should come with a warning — “this product may contain traces of meat.” The reason is laziness and poor hygiene standards. When it’s rush hour, or when it’s just way easier to do so, cooks will sometimes use the same cooking utensils for the vegetarian and vegan options as they do for meat products.

5. Anything Ending in "Nugget"

Chicken nuggets are clearly the biggest culprit here, although no one is ruling out other kinds of meat. Basically, chicken nuggets are made from mechanically separated meat (MSM), which is created through a process that extracts every last piece of flesh, meat, and sinew from the bones of the animal. This is then ground into a gruesome paste that is then dyed, flavored, shaped, and put in a box for you to eat. You can read more facts about this here, as well as some of the statements about MSM that are not true. 

6. “Fresh” Grilled Chicken

It may be a healthier option than fried chicken, but don’t go thinking that you’re getting something delicious and nutritious. It is common practice in many fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s and Burger King, to squirt liquid margarine on the grill and the chicken. And when it’s sitting in the holding drawer, guess what…more liquid margarine goes on to keep it juicy.


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