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Cheating On Ultima Server. - Tips Adviser

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by: Broomop
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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 Time: 6:35 AM

Ultima PSOBB Hack Download:

Download Broomop Hacked PSOBB2.EXE


All Techs (be careful do not use techs that are not for your class. Best class to be is a force ;))
God Mode (nothing can hurt you)
Walk Through Walls
Infinite TP
God Equip (if it has a X next to it do not equip you will be flagged on the server)
See Items On P2 (see other peoples items on P2)
Infinite Mag Feed (feed as many times as you like)

Premium users:
Dupe meseta ( you can now dupe meseta if your premium)

Item Requests:
I can make any item and dupe items for you message me for more information all payments by Paypal thankyou.



i now have a website open

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