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How to Make a Cover for Your eBook Reader Out of an Old Hardback Book - Tips Adviser

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by: Broomop
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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 Time: 1:30 PM

Need a cover for your precious e-book reader? Love the digital convenience of e-books but miss the analog tangibility of real books made of paper? Then make your own DIY cover for your Nook or Kindle out of a hardcover book, some fabric, an elastic band, and simple craft supplies.

The hardest step is probably finding the perfect hardcover book that's the perfect size and thickness for your specific e-book reader, which you can possibly find in thrift stores, used bookstores, Amazon, or even your neglected bookshelf. Once you have a book in hand, putting together an e-book reader cover with cardboard, fabric, elastic straps, and thread is a relatively straightforward process.

If you want your DIY e-book reader cover to have more of a hollowed-out book look, check out this post for instructions.

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